Whats involved in raising a puppy?

First, you join Guide Dogs for the Blind - Laguna Niguel, CA Puppy Raisers which has one meeting and outing a month:)

Second, you read the manual, the leader does a home visit, get approved and then it's time to do some fun puppy sitting:)

Third, its time to get your puppy!

When Guide Dog for the Blind puppies are 8 weeks old they are ready to be delivered to the puppy raisers. The puppy truck comes from San Rafael Northern California to Southern California once a month to drop off puppies and pick up puppies that are approximately 15 months old and are recalled for their formal training. 

During that time with their raisers the puppies learn basic obedience, good manners and are socialized to the world.  They also are learning good house behaviors and are exposed to a variety of situations, places and people. For example, they accompany raisers to the grocery store, school, work, restaurants, shops, malls, bank, trains, buses, doctor appointments and many more.